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Re: Overlay chain formatting

On Thu, 20 Dec 2007, Justin Lambert wrote:

> I have spent the last week off and on trying to figure out why my chain 
> overlay was not working correctly.  I tried all combinations of it that 
> I could find and finally found out that the parser of the slapd.conf 
> file is picky about spacing.  I was trying to make my config file look 
> nice by indenting the options under "overlay chain" only to find after 
> many frustrating hours that you cannot do that!  I didn't find anywhere 
> that that was explicitly documented (even though all of the examples 
> were not formatted that way).  I finally caught it when I upgraded to 
> 2.4.7 wondering if there was a bug and slaptest gave a very unhelpful 
> error, but it did help me narrow it down.  Hopefully this will save 
> someone my same frustrations.

man slapd.conf:

  If a line begins with white space, it is considered a  continuation  of
  the  previous line.  Blank lines and comment lines beginning with a `#'
  character are ignored.  Note: continuation lines are  unwrapped  before
  comment processing is applied.

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