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Re: logging

Gavin Henry writes:
> Umm Postgres started in 1986, a good 12 years before OpenLDAP was
> created, but not really an excuse.

Though OpenLDAP derives from Umich LDAP, which according to its
copyright notices is from 1990.  (The oldest release I can find
is umich ldap-2.0 from 1992.)

Come to think of it, <http://www.openldap.org/software/roadmap.html>
seems to be OpenLDAP's version of a history file, so I think it would
be proper to start it off with an item a la

University of Michigan (Umich) LDAP 1.0? - 3.3 (1990? - 1996)
    The first LDAP implementation, now discontinued.
    OpenLDAP is derived from the last release, ldap-3.3.

or to include that in the roadmap text about OpenLDAP 1.0.