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Re: logging

<quote who="Joseph Dickson">
> Reposting for Gavin -- doesn't seem to have gone to the list..



I don't have the energy to repeat myself about contributing etc., so
please search the archives for my thoughts on bashing our documentation.

> In general, I just wanted to remind everyone that OpenLDAP's
> documentation isn't great, and saying that it is doesn't really help.
> Compare to the documentation of other projects (for example, Postgres),

http://www.postgresql.org/about/history ;-)

Umm Postgres started in 1986, a good 12 years before OpenLDAP was created,
but not really an excuse.

> I think we can agree that there's quite a bit of room for improvement.
> I know it would be better for me to step up and begin writing rather
> than rubbing salt in the wound, as it were, but sadly my free time is
> already devoted to other things so the best I can do at this point is
> try to remind people that there is work to be done on the documentation.

Would you be so humble as to spare the time to list improvements or topics
that aren't covered, or in fact the "work to be done on the
documentation", as it's very hard to guess. That would be ever so kind.

I know it's not finished (Admin Guide), but input (whether content or
direction) from the community is always appreciated.