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Re: logging

Howard Chu wrote:
> There is no "plan" - OpenLDAP grows when an interested developer shows
> up and writes code that they're interested in. There was an effort to

That's fair. I only asked because it feels like most free SW does some
kind of "custom logging". Syslog doesn't appear to be used as heavily as
it once was. (That observation is purely anecdotal... I have no hard
evidence.) I was just curious.

> I think loglevel "stats" already provides most of what you want. Add

I was looking at some old docs that don't mention the "names", just the
numbers. (That is exactly what I was looking for.)

> problems crop up, with requests taking excessive time, that'll already
> be obvious in the regular syslog timestamps.

True. I wasn't looking for fine-grained timing data. Something more like
"it takes 1 sec" vs "it takes 30 secs". So, the "rough" timing by syslog
is just fine.

> local4 is not hardcoded in current releases. If it's hardcoded in the
> version you're running, then whatever you're running is too old.

That comment was an inference from several web pages that I read. After
Quanah's reply, I reread the man page for slapd and it's right there at
the top.

Also, his comment about auditlog and accesslog overlays were cool. I'll
look at those.

Thanx everyone for the help. (My apologies that most of it was RTFM.)