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Re: 2.4.6 prov/con, delta-syncrepl and auditContext

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
> So, the only reason to have slapo-accesslog(5) built and loaded **BUT
> NOT INSTANTIATED** on the __consumer__ (doesn't sound such strikingly
> resource intensive a requirement) is to have this attribute defined in
> the schema.  If this sounds so unreasonable, please suggest (and code) a
> better strategy.

My feeling always was that hard-coding the schema elements into slapd
and/or the overlays was the wrong approach.

I would have rather required the inclusion of particular schema files in
slapd or loaded overlays by showing a error message about a missing
schema element during start-up. So one would not have to enable a
somewhat active component (even without explicitly instantiating it).
Rather one would have to simply define the static schema element (by
including appropriate schema file or schema entries in case of
back-config being deployed).

>  I'm open to everything (including zapping auditContext
> at all, unless anyone out there finds it useful and is actively using it).

web2ldap has a special plug-in class for this particular attribute. It
displays a short-cut link for listing the audit trail of a particular
entry by searching the access log database (reqDN=<entryDN>).

Ciao, Michael.