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Re: 2.4.6 prov/con, delta-syncrepl and auditContext

Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:

>> I'm confused here. Is it a 2.4 change?
> Must be, and seems to be a really odd requirement to me.  Why does the
> consumer need to know about it?  Why should it be required to load the
> accesslog module?

As i said, when the __producer__ is configured with the
slapo-accesslog(5) overlay, gets the the auditContext operational
attribute set in the database's context entry.  This may be useful to be
able to determine what log context is logging modifications to that context.

As a side effect, syncrepl replicates this attribute as well in the
__consumer__.  However, if this attribute is not defined in the
__consumer__'s schema, odd things could happen.

So, the only reason to have slapo-accesslog(5) built and loaded **BUT
NOT INSTANTIATED** on the __consumer__ (doesn't sound such strikingly
resource intensive a requirement) is to have this attribute defined in
the schema.  If this sounds so unreasonable, please suggest (and code) a
better strategy.  I'm open to everything (including zapping auditContext
at all, unless anyone out there finds it useful and is actively using it).


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