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Re: ACL with group???

crashing at startup. My entry crashing  slapd was:
by group/posixGroup/memberUid.exact="cn=..." write
maybe my fault was thinking that I could use the memberUid optional
attribute of the posixGroup objectclass (from the nis.schema).

My copy of nis.schema has memberUid as EQUALITY caseExactIA5Match, but it looks like that statement expects an attribute that is EQUALITY distinguishedNameMatch. It still shouldn't core dump; if you can reproduce that in the latest version, you should file it in the ITS system. But once the core dump is fixed, don't expect it to work necessarily...

(or maybe it'll just bail out as invalid configuration.)

(Free hint: There might be a module in contrib that does what you're looking for...though maybe not, I'm not particularly sure what you're looking for exactly.)