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Re: 2.4.6 prov/con, delta-syncrepl and auditContext

Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
Gavin Henry wrote:

If this sounds so unreasonable, please suggest (and code) a
better strategy.  I'm open to everything (including zapping auditContext
at all, unless anyone out there finds it useful and is actively using it).
Not unreasonable, just *totally* undocumented. It is, IMHO, a major
missing part in the "Changes Since last version" section in the Admin

"major" ? Hardly.

It's not even in *any* man pages in HEAD.

So Syncrepl won't work in 2.4 on any consumer, where the provider has
accesslog enabled, i.e. delta-syncrepl.

Obviously that statement is false.

Much appreciated for the feedback Ando. Time for me to get writing ;-)

Perhaps we should really find a better solution, rather than document a hack. What surprises me is that this change has been in HEAD (and, I believe, in 2.4) for at least a year, and nobody noticed it.

It went unnoticed because in general, it had zero impact. As Gavin pointed out, test043 still works fine, even without the schema definition.
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