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Re: 2.4.6 prov/con, delta-syncrepl and auditContext

<quote who="Pierangelo Masarati">
> Quanah Gibson-Mount wrote:
>>> I'm confused here. Is it a 2.4 change?
>> Must be, and seems to be a really odd requirement to me.  Why does the
>> consumer need to know about it?  Why should it be required to load the
>> accesslog module?
> As i said, when the __producer__ is configured with the
> slapo-accesslog(5) overlay, gets the the auditContext operational
> attribute set in the database's context entry.  This may be useful to be
> able to determine what log context is logging modifications to that
> context.

As soon as I added accesslog.la to my olcModuleLoad in cn=config,
replication started again.

I also see in auditlog.ldif (currently testing slapo-auditlog for docs):

auditContext: cn=accesslog

liek you said above.

> As a side effect, syncrepl replicates this attribute as well in the
> __consumer__.  However, if this attribute is not defined in the
> __consumer__'s schema, odd things could happen.

i.e. replication stops and is broken ;-)

> So, the only reason to have slapo-accesslog(5) built and loaded **BUT
> NOT INSTANTIATED** on the __consumer__ (doesn't sound such strikingly
> resource intensive a requirement) is to have this attribute defined in
> the schema.

Yup, proved this by just loading the module, not using is via "overlay
accesslog" etc.

> If this sounds so unreasonable, please suggest (and code) a
> better strategy.  I'm open to everything (including zapping auditContext
> at all, unless anyone out there finds it useful and is actively using it).

Not unreasonable, just *totally* undocumented. It is, IMHO, a major
missing part in the "Changes Since last version" section in the Admin

It's not even in *any* man pages in HEAD.

So Syncrepl won't work in 2.4 on any consumer, where the provider has
accesslog enabled, i.e. delta-syncrepl.

Much appreciated for the feedback Ando. Time for me to get writing ;-)


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