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Re: ACL with group???

Gémes Géza wrote:
> Hi,
> Sorry if it sounds a newbie question/problem, but:
> Could anybody send me a working example of how can I use an ACL
> containing a by group part, I'we found a few examples on the net but a
> part of it rendered any of the by lines which followed the group one
> ignored, others have crashed slapd immediately on startup.

Slapd is not supposed to crash because of an ACL error.  Can you provide
more details (e.g. the offending access directive, and a stack backtrace
of the core dump)?

> (My slapd is version 2.3.38 and I stil use slapd.conf file based
> configuration)

2.3.39 is the latest (although 2.3.38 is recent enough for issues in ACLs).


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