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RE: pcache configuration

I was running 2.3.34 that is the latest rpm with Fedora 7.
I just upgrade all the ldap rpms to 2.3.39.  Exact same results.

I get this warning when I start the slapd daemon:
  Checking configuration files for slapd:                    [WARNING]
  bdb_db_open: Warning - No DB_CONFIG file found in directory /var/lib/ldap:
  Expect poor performance for suffix dc=office,dc=spotswood,dc=org.

But that is just a performance warning.  No other errors logged (that I have
found).  Slapd just exits.

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Nathan Morrow wrote:
> Everything I read on the net references an old document about the 
> concept, but nothing about actual configuration that works with the 
> current release.

Which "current release" are you talking about? You never specified the
of software you're working with. 2.3.39 or 2.4.6 would be "current" right

> Anyone accomplish this? Looking for any help before having to get in 
> source code.

See test020 in the test suite.
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