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pcache configuration

I have spent some good time playing with ldap queries and think I have a good grasp on it.


The application is simple.  I am querying a Microsoft server for email address info.  Simple.


I have setup slapd to act as a proxy.  And I can perform my lookups with no problem, but when I try to turn on pcache options.  Slapd gives no configuration errors and exits on startup.


Since it should pull all database info, do I need an initial database?

Where can I generate more errors on the abnormal exit?


Running on fedora, The basics of my config that are working are:


database       ldap
suffix         "dc=office,dc=spotswood,dc=org"
rootdn         "dc=office,dc=spotswood,dc=org"
rootpw          maildata
uri             "ldap://"
# overlay pcache
# proxyCache         bdb 100000 1 1000 100
# cachesize       20
#        proxyAttrset  0 mail postaladdress telephonenumber
#        proxyTemplate (sn=) 0 3600
#        proxyTemplate (&(sn=)(givenName=)) 0 3600
#        proxyTemplate (&(departmentNumber=)(secretary=*)) 0 3600
directory      /var/lib/ldap
# Indices to maintain for this database
index objectClass                       eq,pres
index ou,cn,mail,surname,givenname      eq,pres,sub




Again, the above works,

But when I uncomment the cache stuff.  Slapd doesn’t give errors but doesn’t keep running either.

Everything I read on the net references an old document about the concept, but nothing about actual configuration that works with the current release.


Anyone accomplish this?  Looking for any help before having to get in source code.