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Re: [back-sql] possible?

Patai Sangbutsarakum wrote:

>> What version of OpenLDAP are you using?  AFAIK, only OpenLDAP 2.4 honors
>> binary values.
> I run 2 identical openldap 2.3.38 servers on different vmware instance.
> The first machine uses bdb. I could insert the jpeg photo via gui of
> ldap browser.
> I dump data under that namespace. I saw base64 data of that jpegPhoto. Thus,
> does this imply that 2.3.38 honors binary data. correct me if I'm wrong.
> On the second machine, it is the clone of the first machine. except slapd.conf
> point the same namespace to back-sql. I successfully use text data
> such homephone, carlicense
> slapd can pull data from those tables in mysql as long as it is text.
> But come into jpegPhoto, mysql stores blob of jpegPhoto. seem like
> slapd can pull it out, but
> the same ldap browser (from apache project) said invalid image.
> I dump the ldif from the second machine.
> The base64 of the same jpegPhoto is totally different.

Sorry, I meant: only OpenLDAP 2.4 honors binary files in back-sql.  Of
course OpenLDAP honors binary files since 1.0.


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