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Re: [back-sql] possible?

Thanks for reply.
I was forced by my graduate project adviser.
This is a part of my master's project.

The problem that I am trying to solve is, to make the process of using
back-sql + mysql
become automatic without/less human intervention. I have done with the
TEXT data, but
for the binary data still no luck.

But first of all, I'm looking for if the back-sql itself support
storing binary data jpegPhoto, userCertificate .. in Mysql table and
then retrieve those bin. data
from mysql and represent it in LDAP tree or not?

Hope this answer with some sense.

On Nov 15, 2007 7:28 AM, Gavin Henry <ghenry@suretecsystems.com> wrote:
> <quote who="Patai Sangbutsarakum">
> <snip>
> > Hope this make sense
> > Please Please suggest
> >
> I suggest you try to explain to problem you are trying to solve here. Why
> do you need the sql backend to start with? It's usually the very last
> option to chose, where you are forced due to legacy applications and many
> other reasons.
> Gavin.