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Re: problem importing cn=config

Gavin Henry wrote:
Greg Martin wrote:

You're still not seeing it. We don't "construct the config.ldif." We only convert the old config file format to the new config directory format. *You* might write a "config.ldif" file by hand, if you're bootstrapping a configuration from scratch, but that's entirely different. There is no "config.ldif" unless you created that yourself, and that has nothing to do with slapd's config directory.

Hmmm. I could have sworn the slaptest -f... -F... built the config.ldif for me. Its there and I didn't create it. Guess I'll try again and see what I get. I really want to understand this.

Thanks, Howard.


You mean this?

[ghenry@suretec ~]$ ls /usr/local/etc/openldap/slapd.d/
cn=config  cn=config.ldif

Indeed, I do.