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Re: strict ldif check

Alexander Markov wrote:
Thanks, Hallvard!
Now I got it ;)

But it's a pity to learn that OpenLDAP doesn't fully support actual RFC :(

GH> That's not what Hallvard said.

Sorry, but what do you mean?

Hallvard said, RFC 2251 is a previous revision of LDAPv3 and OpenLDAP
doesn't violate it in the part I pointed out. Agree. But it does according to
current revision.

As I can see RFC2251 is obsolete and RFC4511 is a proposed standard.
The string you disagree isn't what Hallvard said, yeah, but it's my point
and actual state of affairs. If I'm wrong please point it out.

Anyway, I don't want to say that it's bad or whatever. I just got
software that behaves according to RFC4511 - that was the reason I
asked my question.

In other words, you have software that was broken for the past 10 years that RFC2251 was in effect, before RFC4511 was written to allow your software vendor to get away with never fixing their broken code. Nice.
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