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Re: how to enable crypt password in Openldap under Windows!!!

You've gotten lots of useful links that point out that crypt(3) is highly OS dependent. With that in mind, my guess would be that MinGW (I think that's what Win32 OpenLDAP builds are using nowadays?) doesn't ship with a compatible crypt(3) implementation. Perhaps you should download a source tree, run configure, and verify that

[what it "should" be, from a Linux box]
checking crypt.h usability... yes
checking crypt.h presence... yes
checking for crypt.h... yes

comes out. I'm not sure that MinGW even ships with a crypt.h...that would be an issue here. If any of those are "no," you'll have to go hunt for a compatible crypt(3) implementation, and compile yourself.

And as hopefully obvious from the FAQ entries linked, if you do decide to figure this out, the crypt'd values you copy over from (Linux/Solaris/HPUX/AIX/whatever) are quite unlikely to "work," because the values are highly OS dependent. I have to assume you're trying to copy existing crypt'd values -- if they were original, you'd just go with SHA1 or some other sane algorithm?

On Wed, 31 Oct 2007, Hang Zhang wrote:

Hang Zhang wrote:
Hi All,

I met a big problem! It is Ok when I use slappasswd -h {MD5}or {sha} but when I use slappasswd -h {CRYPT}, it reminds me that the {CRYPT} scheme not recognized! I search this problem in google and the answer to this is --enable -crypt. However, how to do this under windows XP? I would really appreciate any kinds of help!!

C:\OpenLDAP>slappasswd -h {CRYPT}
New password: Re-enter new password: Password generation failed for scheme {CRYPT}: scheme not recognized


No one know about this problem? I really need some help on this issue!! I have struggle on this problem for a week!! Thanks a million!