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SLES 9.3 spec file for building openldap 2.3.38

Are there any available openldap-2.3.38.spec files out there for SLES

openldap2-client-2.2.24 is already installed on SLES 9.3 and doesn't
support syncrepl.  I'm just getting started with LDAP and syncrepl seems
to be a better way to go than slurpd in a 7x24 environment.

Downloaded openldap-2.3.38.tgz from
http://www.openldap.org/software/download/ and it's not ready for RPM.
Since openldap2-client-2.2.24.rpm is already installed, and removing it
would require removing a whole bunch of other stuff in order to just do
a "make install", I'm looking for a cleaner way to get it updated.  rpm

Any other ideas?

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