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codding the controlValue in an LDIF control field

Title: codding the controlValue in an LDIF control field

Hi !

   I have a doubt trying to code an "assertion control" (according to RFC 4528) in the "control" field
of an LDIF file. The assertion to code is a simple "equalityMatch" filter (i.e. "attribute type = attribute value").

   This is the LDIF file I was preparing (to pass to an "ldapmodify" command)

#  LDIF file START (it contains all the updates for a single/atomic LDAPModify op.):
dn: <entry dn to update>
control: true :<controlValue>
changetype: modify

   How do I code the "controlValue" (i.e. the equalityMatch filter describing the required assertion) in the
LDIF file? I thought it was the BER encoding, but after reading the formal syntax definition for the control
field in RFC 2849 (LDIF spec) it is not clear to me …

  Thanks in advance

BR / Antonio

Antonio Alonso Alarcón
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