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extended characterset/binary/base64 support


I used slapcat command to create an ldiff file. Now ehen I am using slapadd to import that ldiff file into my new server. it cannot parse entries wchih have an attribute (clientOrg) value in extended characterset/base64/binary... I am not sure what it is called. In ldiff file those attribute and attribute values are seperated by double colons, which I think is also pointing to the fact that the value is a extended character set.

The original ldap server is running fine. Do i need to compile my new ldap server with some additional support module, or is their any option with slapaddd which I can use to convert the enrties in ldiff or some thing..... If some can pleae point me to the right direction. I have been reading many emails and articles, but I am still not sure what to do.

Thanks and Regards