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Many thanks in advance.

ldap_add returned invalid syntax (21)

FAQ lists the following
 extraneous white space (especially trailing white space)
 improperly encoded characters (LDAPv3 uses UTF-8 encoded Unicode)
 empty values (few syntaxes allow empty values)

Not sure how to proceed. Doesn't look like there are any trailing white spaces
or empty values.

Also, if I try to login, it seems to know if the correct password is given but
then just closes the connection.  I'm guessing this may be because all of the
ldif file has not been added yet.

date time server slapd[psid]: conn=1 op=14 ADD

date time server slapd[psid]: conn=1 op=14 RESULT
                 tag=105 err=21 text=objectClass: value #0 invalid per syntax

The messages log also included messages as follows:
Invalid legacy unicast query packet.
Recieved repsonse with invalid source port 2734 on interface 'eth0.0'

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