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Re: push-mode syncrepl and structuralObjectClass

Tony Earnshaw wrote:
Alex Bramley skrev, on 17-10-2007 17:21:

I'm setting up push-mode replication using syncrepl and back-ldap as per
advice from searching the list archives.

You need an "updatedn" directive in the slave, and have the push back-ldap bind as that DN, so the slave understands that write is a replication, and allows operational attrs in.

This appears to have fixed the initial problem, thank you. However I have still been unsuccessful in getting the push-mode replication working correctly.

After I added the correct updatedn setting, I got the error:

tag=103 err=53 text=shadow context; no update referral

This should never happen unless a client of your consumer is trying to update the consumer's DB. Which it can't, since its server is a consumer (slave). Therefore you have to have a mechanism that tells the consumer where to go for updates, a referral mechanism. By configuring the consumer for "chaining" this can be done (my site does it), but it's not always immediately obvious from the docs how to get this working (took me a long time, anyhow, trying different alternatives, whereof one - and only one - finally worked). I'm totally dependent on chaining on one of my 3 consumers.

I believe the replication proxy back-ldap database (for push-mode syncrepl) connects as a client to the consumer. It seems this triggers a requirement for an updateref, even when the proxy is binding as the updatedn to perform replication updates.