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Re: cn=config example

Howard Chu wrote:
>Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
>> Emmanuel Dreyfus <manu@netbsd.org> wrote:
>>>> Thanks for that, but we have to assume some background knowledge ;-)
>>> Then the amount of
>> Hem, that one was sent too early :-)
>> What is the amount of assumed knowledge? It would be fair to tell what
>> are the requirement for reading the doc and where they can be
>> acquired...
> From the Project's perspective, I think the basic requirements include:
>                 basic sysadmin skills on your target platform - you need to be proficient
>enough to operate as a superuser/Administrator without obliterating your machine.
>                 basic netadmin skills - if you have to deal with IP filters, firewalls,
>strange routing configurations, it's your obligation to be cognizant of those
>                 security requirements - if you're trying to implement security, you have to
>have a clear policy spec that tells you what you're trying to secure, from whom.
>                 basic LDAP/X.500 knowledge - you should already know what "DIT" and "DN"
>stand for, you should know what a schema looks like and what it does. You
>should know the syntax and semantics of a search filter, and what all of the
>standard LDAP Request types are. You should know how an LDAP URL is
>structured, etc. Essentially, at least enough familiarity with everything in
>the LDAP RFCs to recognize the terminology.
>Since the Project releases source code only, you should have basic proficiency
>with software development tools and procedures - how to use the basic tools of
>the trade - configure, make, cc, etc. For people using a prebuilt distro, this
>is probably not a requirement.

The above would be a perfect preamble in the "basic knowledge" section of the http://www.openldap.org web page! Follow this with a few high level site links to this kind of information will most likely eliminate some of the most basic "newbie" questions.

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