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Re: cn=config example

David Damon wrote:

Howard Chu wrote:
>Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
>> Emmanuel Dreyfus <manu@netbsd.org> wrote:
>>>> Thanks for that, but we have to assume some background knowledge ;-)
>>> Then the amount of
>> Hem, that one was sent too early :-)
>> What is the amount of assumed knowledge? It would be fair to tell what
>> are the requirement for reading the doc and where they can be
>> acquired...
> From the Project's perspective, I think the basic requirements include:
> basic sysadmin skills on your target platform - you need to be proficient
>enough to operate as a superuser/Administrator without obliterating your machine.
> basic netadmin skills - if you have to deal with IP filters, firewalls,
>strange routing configurations, it's your obligation to be cognizant of those
> security requirements - if you're trying to implement security, you have to
>have a clear policy spec that tells you what you're trying to secure, from whom.
> basic LDAP/X.500 knowledge - you should already know what "DIT" and "DN"
>stand for, you should know what a schema looks like and what it does. You
>should know the syntax and semantics of a search filter, and what all of the
>standard LDAP Request types are. You should know how an LDAP URL is
>structured, etc. Essentially, at least enough familiarity with everything in
>the LDAP RFCs to recognize the terminology.
>Since the Project releases source code only, you should have basic proficiency
>with software development tools and procedures - how to use the basic tools of
>the trade - configure, make, cc, etc. For people using a prebuilt distro, this
>is probably not a requirement.

The above would be a perfect preamble in the "basic knowledge" section of the http://www.openldap.org web page! Follow this with a few high level site links to this kind of information will most likely eliminate some of the most basic "newbie" questions.

Indeed. Go ahead and add it. Most of my time is taken up by actually writing the code and manpages. I answer questions here when there's a clear lack of information or there's a strong level of misinformation. The FAQ is for the community to contribute. Don't just talk about what "would be good" - make it so. If you really want to be a part of what makes OpenLDAP better, it's the least you could do.
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