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Re: cn=config example

Howard Chu wrote:
Gavin Henry wrote:
Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:

Use slaptest instead.
Oh, right, I missed that one. Perhaps this is the missing piece in the
docs? It's not obvious how to explain it, though. I'm not sure the
sentence below is satisfying.

       -F slapd-config-directory
              Specifies the slapd  configuration  directory.  The
              default  is /usr/pkg/share/examples/openldap/slapd.d.  If
              both -f and -F are specified, the config file will be read
              and converted to  config directory  format  and  written
              to the specified directory before slapd starts regular
              operations. slaptest(8) can also be used to just perform
              the conversion.

in slapd(8) in HEAD, the last sentence does say:

"All of the slap tools that use the config options observe this same behavior."

Not just in HEAD. That text has been there since May/June 2005, 2.3 onward.

OK. Well, there's no excuse for people missing it then. A bit of thought would lead them to slaptest. Or do we have to actually say slaptest.

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