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Re: cn=config example

Gavin Henry wrote:
> Gabriel Stein wrote:
>> We can
>> create something like a wiki, using the OpenLDAP documentation and
>> "translate" this things to Howto´s.
> I've often thought about this, as Samba do similar at:
> http://wiki.samba.org/index.php/Main_Page as do other major OSS projects.
> Here are the issues with your appreciated suggestions:

I'm also tired of this yet-another-wiki-will-improve-documentation
approach. Why? Because Wikis have to be filled with content by skilled
people who have some spare time left. If they are able and willing to do
the work (like fortunately Gavin does) they sure are able to give input
without the need for a particular media. There are so many Wikis out
there without any real content...

BTW: "Customers" want to have "official" looking docs => IMO the Admin
Guide is the most suitable media to work with.

Ciao, Michael.