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Re: Error: ldap_simple_bind_s...failed: Invalid credentials

Pantejo Barbara-XJC864 wrote:
> This problem has been fixed. The solution, for anyone in the future, who
> has this same issue, is to place clear text passwords in the master LDAP
> slapd.conf file within the replica credentials line.

Well, one could even learn a more general concept from that:
If a client (that's what the replica is) must authenticate it has to
*know* a secret credential in cleartext, no matter if the *server*
stores the credential as hash (e.g. userPassword: {SSHA}...) xor whether
it gets *transferred* as hash (e.g. SASL bind DIGEST-MD5).

So if it's a client process which has to automatically start you have to
store the clear-text credential in some configuration file.

Ciao, Michael.