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Re: viewing entries using slapcat

Neo - wrote:
> Hi all, I use a ldapbrowser (its open source java ldapbrowser)  to view all my openldap entries.
> Im able to read all the attribute values when i view through the ldapbrowser.
> But when i do slapcat and generate a ldif file i see some attribute like this 
> mail:: IGF2ZXJ5cG9obG1hbjM3QHdlYnN0ZXIuZWR1
> but when i view the same entry in ldapbrowser its fine.
> Any one know why entry looks encrypted using slapcat.

For security reasons, I guess.  But I think we need to move to a
stronger algorithm, this is quite easy to crack:

echo -n "IGF2ZXJ5cG9obG1hbjM3QHdlYnN0ZXIuZWR1" | base64 -d

Remember: garbage in, garbage out.


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