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Re: Automatic referral chasing

On Wednesday 05 September 2007 13:01:38 Taymour A. El Erian wrote:
> Tony Earnshaw wrote:
> > Taymour A. El Erian skrev, on 05-09-2007 08:13:
> >
> > [...]
> >
> >> The test scripts are not running on my machine as they fail in the
> >> middle, so am unable to actually find the configuration. I tried
> >> using the configuration which has chain in its name but it does not
> >> work.

You can quite easily inspect the script to see which configuration file it is 
using, or start the specific test, e.g.:

./run test002

If it fails, you will still have all the configs for that test.

> >
> > Then for some reason your build has failed and you have a useless
> > installation. Until you can get a build whereby all tests pass, you
> > might as well give up.
> Some of the tests do run but some do not and I can't really understand
> the reason. I am using the rpms provided by Buchan on RHEL 3 U9.

My packages run full test suite during build (I don't upload them if they 
don't). From 2.3.38-1, the separate openldap2.3-tests package contains the 
test suite packaged such that any user can run the full test suite as 

$ export TMPDIR=/tmp #if not set for some reason
$ cd /usr/share/openldap2.3/tests
$ make tests

(there may be a missing symlink in the /usr/share/openldap2.3/tests 
directory ... I am not sure if I fixed it).

I haven't tested this on RHEL3 (as I don't have a spare server or VM for 
that), but there's almost no difference between the RHEL3 and RHEL4 packages, 
and I did test this on the RHEL4 packages.

There were some really really minor issues with some replacements that had 
been done in the defines.sh in packages prior to 2.3.38, but you could fix 
them yourself in 30 seconds.

> I can 
> start slapd with any configuration which means (I think) that the
> binaries are fine.
> > [...]
> >
> >> The docs of openldap are really not clear
> >
> > Yep, many have pointed this out in the past, and the docs *have* been
> > vastly improved - but even after several years' of OL sysadminning I
> > still have problems in interpreting them. In many cases, if it hadn't
> > been for this list I'd still be completely at sea.
> >
> Would it be possible to help me get out of the sea ?

There are some basic skills you seem to be missing here. There isn't any 
detailed document of how the test suite works, but it is obvious enough how 
it works (by reading the few shell scripts that do most of the work) that I 
have been able to repackage it so it can be run on an installed system (as 
opposed to just inside the build directory). You should be able to follow the 
logic, see how to run one script, get a configuration example from the test 

No one is going to waste their time writing documentation on how to interpret 
the shell script.