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Re: Automatic referral chasing

<quote who="Toby Blake">
>> Like I said, all in the 2.4 Guide, just not quite complete.
> Hi Gavin, a quick question on this... how relevant or otherwise would
> the 2.4 guide be for people running 2.3?  It sounds like it provides a
> lot of useful information, but how much of this applies to 2.3, as
> well as 2.4, or is it likely to prove confusing?

A lot of it will be useful, but obviously some features won't be available
like certain overlays and various options.

It builds on 2.3 and adds various things, see:


More general admin stuff. Read over:


The above links are old content, more is added now in HEAD and all will be
complete for the first stable release of 2.4.x


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