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Re: High availability

Taymour A. El Erian skrev, on 03-09-2007 15:26:

Would you happen to have any documentation on how to implement chaining ?

If you've built from source (Buchan's srpm or whatever) and have a build directory from a successful build, go to $DIR/tests, run './run test032-chain'; when it's done, got to ./testrun and look at both slapd.?.conf; that should give you a basic idea, together with the rest there.

I can't seem to find this ./testrun diretory I have ./testdata

You'll only have it when you've run the test, and it will have the timestamp of the time you ran the test.

I will be posting a new question about chaining, it explains what works for me, what doesn't and asks why.


Tony Earnshaw
Email: tonni at hetnet dot nl