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RE: Syncrepl and proxyAgent password expiration

Title: RE: Syncrepl and proxyAgent password expiration


Could someone tell me what type of entry I could create (inetOrgPerson, account, etc) in the ou=Profile,dc=eagleaccess,dc=com directory that would allow me to have a proxy password entry without a password policy overlay control?

I think this is my last hurdle to get through here.

Thank you,

Paul Pathiakis

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Subject: RE: Syncrepl and proxyAgent password expiration

Something is clearly feeding

> ppolicy_bind: Entry cn=proxyAgent,ou=Profile,dc=eagleaccess,dc=com

to your server. If you're looking to deprecate that and make a new DN
starting "uid=proxyAgent", you're going to have to change everything that
has the old one.

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Paul J. Pathiakis wrote:

> Hi,
> just as someone was answering the question, I got the second part of it
> by just using the rootdn of the master provider.  (I went back to square
> one and wiped everything on the consumer.)  Now, I'm stuck with a
> "simple" problem of the Solaris 9 clients in my network coming back with
> the Error 49 problem of invalid credentials.  I've created a security
> object for the proxyAgent and I'm trying to initialize its use.
> However, this now has a userid attribute instead of cn.  Is this going
> to cause me any grief?
> Thank you,
> Paul Pathiakis