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RE: Syncrepl and proxyAgent password expiration

Something is clearly feeding

ppolicy_bind: Entry cn=proxyAgent,ou=Profile,dc=eagleaccess,dc=com

to your server. If you're looking to deprecate that and make a new DN starting "uid=proxyAgent", you're going to have to change everything that has the old one.

On Mon, 27 Aug 2007, Paul J. Pathiakis wrote:


just as someone was answering the question, I got the second part of it by just using the rootdn of the master provider. (I went back to square one and wiped everything on the consumer.) Now, I'm stuck with a "simple" problem of the Solaris 9 clients in my network coming back with the Error 49 problem of invalid credentials. I've created a security object for the proxyAgent and I'm trying to initialize its use. However, this now has a userid attribute instead of cn. Is this going to cause me any grief?

Thank you,

Paul Pathiakis