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syncrepl - out of sync scenario

Hello all,

I am using openldap 2.3.36 and using syncrepl feature.

I had configured a server as a master and another server as a slave. I am using refreshOnly mode in slave.

When I start the slave, I am getting all the entries from the master under the particular DN , in slave.

Now I stop the slave, make it normal server add some entries.

Again , I made it as slave, and try to sync with the master (as 3rd line above)

Now the entries which I had added, when it was normal server, is not getting deleted when I sync, the second time (the above line)

I mean now the slave and master are out of sync


Please say me, is this way is correct and why the slave is not deleting the entries , which are not in master (I mean, extra entries, which I added , when it was in normal server)


Thanks a lot in advance,




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