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Re: Schema difficulties-Openldap 2.0.27 -> 2.3.34

--On Friday, August 24, 2007 10:59 AM -0400 Scott Lacy <LACY_S@mercer.edu> wrote:

Hi all,

I'm attempting to migrate an openldap implementation from a 2.0.27 server
running the Red Hat Enterprise 3 rpm to a new box running the 2.3.34
Fedora 7 rpm.  I'm a bit of an LDAP noob, but I've managed to account for
most of the difficulties, but still have one I can't seem to get around:

There are a handful of users in the old database that have errors being
migrated via ldif.  These users are erroring out in their uidNumber
field.  These users have uidNumbers beginning with leading zeros,  for
example, "0001111114".  I'm assuming that's a syntax no-no.  I believe
uidNumber is one of the fields hardcoded into Openldap now (I don't see
non-commented definitions for it in any of the schema files I have).  Is
there a way to doctor the syntax for this field short of editing and
compiling via source?  It is apparently important that the leading zeros
be there, else I would just take them out.

Hi Scott,

There's an interesting discussion about this somewhere I'm trying to find, but you are correct -- uidNumber should not have leading 0's, having them is broken, and you will have to remove them to get the data to import. Whatever client depends on them needs to be fixed.

Alternatively, you could create your own attribute to store that data, since those don't look like unix UID's anyway, and tell the client to read them from there instead. When I worked at Stanford, we had a university ID, which we stored in a "suUnivID" attribute. That may be similar to addressing to what you are running into.

BTW, uidNumber is defined in nis.schema, but as you noted, hard coded into slapd.



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