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Re: successful ldapsearch -- need to turn it into a working slapd configuration for an LDAP proxy

DePriest, Jason R. wrote:

Thanks for the tip.  I made the change and I am still getting the same
basic error.
It does not think there is a successful bind and won't honor my search request.

Also, if there is a really good book I can buy that will help figure
out the intricacies of OpenLDAP, please recommend it.
I understand LDAP and I have managed a couple of different
Directory-type products that are LDAP-based (Windows NT domain,
Microsoft Active Directory, CA eTrust Directory).  This is my first
foray into OpenLDAP and, so far, I don't understand it.  And that's

I think you should provide much more info on what you're trying to do and where you got in the meanwhile. a full log of the proxy at level "stats,stats2" would definitely help.

About books, there should be a very good one (I should say ultimative) by Howard Chu, but I don't know about its status.


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