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Re: olcPasswordHash scheme not available

Howard Chu wrote:
Pierangelo Masarati wrote:
That sounds like a bug.  In fact, {K5KEY} is loaded by smbk5pwd, so if
in slapd.conf you correctly load the module __before__ using
password-hash things work as expected.  However, when the configuration
is loaded from the back-config database, modules are loaded __after__
the global entry, which contains password-hash.  Apparently, checking
the value of the password-hash attribute must be deferred to __after__
loading the entire configuration.  This might be true in general.  I
suggest you file an ITS for this issue <http://www.openldap.org/its/>.

If it's a general problem, then we're going to need to re-shuffle the layout of the cn=config tree so that global directives are processed after any modules are loaded. But I think password mechs are the only item that can be registered at runtime that currently have a problem.

It seems to be so. I'm considering different approaches:

* force some sequentiality in parsing config entries; for example:
	- schema first
	- then modules (modules may rely on presence of schema)
	- then the rest
  but this is not ensuring the right ordering of thngs

* turn failed config parsing into a list of modifications
  to be recursively reapplied later until either success
  or a complete run thru the list results in no success
  This also does not ensure the right ordering

* change the layout so that config database parsing from LDIF
  is treated differently from slapd.conf, in two phases:
	- read-in
	- validation

In all the above cases there's no guarantee the original ordering is preserved, so the safest solution would be to keep a changelog of configuration to be rolled-in again at startup instead of relying on the configuration stored on disk.


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