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olcPasswordHash scheme not available

OS: Debian Etch
Openldap version: 2.3.30

Hi all:

Moving towards housing configuration data within openldap, I have the
directory working correctly and reading cn=config without any issues.

However, if the password-hash {K5KEY} is specified, slapd refuses to
start and immediately reports:

olcPasswordHash: value #0: <olcPasswordHash> scheme not available ({K5KEY})
olcPasswordHash: value #0: <olcPasswordHash> no valid hashes found
config error processing cn=config: <olcPasswordHash> no valid hashes found

I am guessing this has to do with the order modules and configuration
are loaded -- however, I am not at all sure.

The smbk5pwd module is loaded and the hash directive works correctly
via slapd.conf.

Any help would be much appreciated.

thank you,
Mustafa A. Hashmi