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Re: Deleting subtree - server side

Arunachalam Parthasarathy wrote:


Can I know the reason why it is not implemented?


Basically, it's an operation that is not atomic in pure LDAP (namely, it requires more than a write operation), and thus it could be implemented in many different ways (I mean: handling errors and conflicts in many different ways). So there should be:

1) a need for it

2) an agreed specification about how to do it

3) someone who codes it.

I recall seeing some old specification (e.g. <draft-armijo-ldap-treedelete>, expired 2001). A much better approach would be to use LDAP transactions (e.g. <draft-zeilenga-ldap-txn>) so that the operation either fails or succeeds atomically. In OpenLDAP there's experimental support for transactions, but I'm not sure subtree deletion can be performed right now.


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