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Re: Replication using syncrepl

--On August 3, 2007 12:58:06 PM -0500 CyberGod <cybergod@linux-admins.net> wrote:

How can I check if the information on the slave is equal to the
information on the master. I try running ldapsearch on the slave looking
for user thats only on the master but even after the replication starts
the user is not on the slave. Do I need to copy the whole data from the
master first so they are in sync before I start the replication, or the
slave will get the missing info from the master?

The replica will catch up over time. Of course, you are using refreshOnly, so it is going to take quite a while. Why aren't you using refreshAndPersist? Just fix the "interval" line to be a valid "retry" line instead.

You can of course, slapcat the master and then slapadd the replica to speed things up...


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