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Re: LDAPS vs. StartTLS ext. op.

Howard Chu wrote:
> Michael Ströder wrote:
>> => If the OpenLDAP developers were really crazy enough to remove support
>> for LDAPS from OpenLDAP I'd kick OpenLDAP out of my business
>> immediately. Period.
> If someone at IANA were to tell us that this number assignment was
> officially withdrawn, then we would drop it. We really wouldn't have
> much choice, nor would any other implementor that wanted to claim that
> their LDAP product was fully IETF-compliant.

Sorry, but the assignment of a port number by IANA is not really
required for supporting LDAP over SSL/TLS on a separate port since you
could happily use ldaps://host:636 or any other port anyway and still be

Ciao, Michael.