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Re: failover config: servers with same DNS address and TLS, subjectAltName extension

--On Tuesday, July 24, 2007 9:18 PM +0200 Emmanuel Dreyfus <manu@netbsd.org> wrote:

but you didn't indicate those precautions
anywhere in what you posted. So you will mislead anyone following your
advice into leaving their servers quite vulnerable.

I hope people do some testing before rolling a copy/pasted configuration in production...

Experience shows they generally don't. Your posts will likely show up now in google searches by people who aren't really interested in going and actually reading documentation, and/or end up in some forsaken "how-to". :/ It happens often. I periodically troll google searches of ldap how-to's and ask people to either take them down or fix them, depending on how incorrect they are. Sometimes, the people are even responsible enough to fix them.


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