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Re: Expiring user passwords fails after first expiry

Gatne, Vikrant (Vikrant) wrote:
I am using openLDAP 2.3.32 on RHEL 4.0. I have configured openLDAP for password expiration. The system is still under testing phase. Created the basic password policy with
dn: cn=basicPwdPolicy,dc=avaya,dc=com
cn: basicPwdPolicy
objectClass: device
objectClass: pwdPolicy
objectClass: top
pwdMaxAge: 180
pwdMaxAge is set to 3 minutes just for testing.
And set the above policy as the default policy in slapd.conf file.
Whenever I create a new user, it is prompted for a password change after first 3 minutes are expired. and when the user changes his password, he is never prompted for a password change ever again. It stays there forever.
Not sure why it fails to do it again. If anyone can guide me, it would be indeed of great help.

Haven't got a clue. It all works fine here on OpenLDAP 2.3.37 and OpenSUSE 10.2. Since you've just started testing, you should really be using the most recent release. 2.3.32 is quite old already.
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