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Re: Connection timeout

Emmanuel Dreyfus wrote:
Howard Chu <hyc@symas.com> wrote:
That is definitely something we consider to be application-specific. Building
the setting into your app is the correct solution.

In general, settings in the config file must always be overridable, so a new
config option would also need to provide a new command line argument for the
ldap* tools.

Otherwise, you might find yourself unable to ldapsearch a distant LDAP server
because your timeout that you tuned for your local servers is too short...

But there is a default setting, the point is just that it's hard-coded. Having it system-configurable and user-configurable would not hurt, IMO

You haven't thought it through. If a config file universally sets a short value and a particular application is not written to handle timeouts and retries then it will fail mysteriously. Application code must be aware of timeouts and since they must be explicitly coded for them already, it is only appropriate to leave this setting to them.

libldap has no default setting for the connection timeout, that is purely an OS/kernel item.
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