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Re: Connection timeout

On Thu, 19 Jul 2007, Howard Chu wrote:

> > What I am seeing is a timeout of a minute before switching to Server2.
> That would be normal when trying to contact a nonexistent host, and 
> depends entirely on your kernel's TCP stack/connection timeouts. As 
> already noted, you can explicitly set a shorter timeout using 

Which I've now built into our applications, as OpenLDAP itself would 
appear to have no support for this situation.  I suppose I should 
contribute a patch or something, along the lines of "CONN_TIMEOUT 5" etc.

> > Revealingly, should the client attempt to contact itself first (where 
> > there is no server) then the switch-over happens right away, but the 
> > network guru swears up and down that there are no packet filters in 
> > the way.
> When a host is alive but simply has no server on the requested port, the 
> TCP stack immediately sends a "connection refused" response to the 
> client, so generally there should be no delay. Again, this is normal, 
> and any "network guru" should know that.

My fault; I misled said guru...

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