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OpenLdap search does not return all result set


  I have a OpenLDAP version 2.2 on ldbm database under unix with 2500 users.
I'm aware upgrading is an option but it is not clear whether it would
resolve my issue as stated below.

A search query returns a subset of the expected results.

I reindexed the data and there was no change in the results returned.

An update action to a user id not visible in the initial query becomes
visible in subsequent queries. 

After an export of the data(slapcat) and import (slapadd) to an empty data
store,the same query as above 
returns the expected results.

After a period of time further queries return only a subset of the expected
result set.

Please find below the slapd.conf and data base size

# Caches
cachesize       100000
dbcachesize     10000000

index   objectClass     eq
index   cn              eq
index   uid             eq,sub
index   sn              eq
index   groups          eq

#user limitations -1 no limit
sizelimit 10000
timelimit 60

Please find my data base files

-rw-------   1 openldap system    143360 Jul 19 21:09 cn.dbb
-rw-------   1 openldap system    589824 Jul 19 14:34 dn2id.dbb
-rw-------   1 openldap system     61440 Jul 19 21:09 groups.dbb
-rw-------   1 openldap system   1368064 Jul 19 21:09 id2entry.dbb
-rw-------   1 openldap system      8192 Jul 19 13:57 nextid.dbb
-rw-------   1 openldap system     40960 Jul 19 21:09 objectClass.dbb
-rw-------   1 openldap system    114688 Jul 19 21:09 sn.dbb
-rw-------   1 openldap system    970752 Jul 19 21:09 uid.dbb

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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