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Re: slapd slave becoming a master

On 7/17/07, Maria McKinley <parody@u.washington.edu> wrote:
Are there instructions (yes, I did look, didn't find, and want to make
sure I didn't overlook) on how to convert a slave slapd created with
slurpd to a master. Ie, if something catastrophic happens to the
server the master is on, is there a quick guide to converting a slave
to be the new master?


We actually did this in my workplace a couple of weeks ago. We are
using FreeBSD servers with OpenLDAP 2.3.35 with one master and several
slaves. I converted the master to a slave by copy/pasting
configuration from other slaves then let it shut down while I upgraded
the slave to a master by again copy/pasting.

Before doing that, i took a slapcat of the master just in case then
started again the new master and slaves, it all went smoothly.