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Re: Replication architecture

Gavin Henry wrote:
<quote who="Bruno Lezoray EMSM">
Hi all,

i have a request from a customer about 2 replication architectures and i
would like to know if it's possible to implement them:
1 - Master Server -> "hub" Server -> Slave Server

Expand on what you mean by "hub"?

Hub comes from Sun Directory Server terminology which means a read-only server that receives/get updates to/from a master and send updates to a slave

2 - Server1 <-> Server2 <-> Server 3

This looks like Multi-Master?

Yes, except that Server1 isn't directly synchronized with Server3

An other question:
Is the replication with slurpd or SyncREPL supported over WAN ?

Yes, but please try to use Syncrepl over slurpd

Are there some restrictions ?

Firewall/routing etc. Depends what you have setup/require.
Of course, these points must be configured correctly but, i supposed typically latency issues due to the distance or connection closed by a firewall due to inactivity.

Rgds, Bruno.