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asking for new feature extending LDAP: return entriest that only matches in default language

Dear list

I am not sure if this is the right place to ask for this, but can
someone help me by writing me a patch to openldap that allow me to do
search and only getting entries that mathches in default language (but
not in other language versions)?

How much do I need to pay for such a patch?

e.g. there are 2 entries:

First Entry is:

o: Company A

Second Entry is:

o: Company B
o;lang-de: Aaaa

Then the patch I need would allow me to do a search for o with "*A" that
only return me the first entry but do not return the second entry.

I suspect maybe the patch would accept a special search filter format:
search for o=*A -> return both entry, this is like traditional
search for o;lang-=*A -> return only first entry, this is using the
"special search filter format"

The later search filter is only my imagination, I mean ";lang-" is
telling server only look for the default language version. There can be
better ways to invent search filter format for my purpose without
breaking other standards too much.

Thank you very much and best regards

Zhang Weiwu