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Re: slapcat and mirrormode in CVS HEAD

<quote who="Dave Holland">
> I've just been looking at mirrormode in CVS HEAD. It seems to break
> slapcat:
> ldapsrv2:~# /ldap/sbin/slapcat > /tmp/x
> /ldap/etc/slapd.conf: line 122: <mirrormode> database is not a shadow
> slapcat: bad configuration file!
> I *think* this is because in tool mode, the database doesn't get flagged
> as a shadow (whereas obviously it does in server mode). Does that sound
> plausible?

Hi Dave,

I don't know if Howard has already replied, as our lists can be slow
sometimes, but it looks like he has fixed this at:


You should update HEAD and re-test.



Kind Regards,

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